Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Building with GCC 4.1

Some first reports: I've thought that my compiler from 2009 is as old as it gets, but it turns out that people have some older ones. The build on GCC 4.1 requires two changes. First, it doesn't have the option "-Wno-sign-conversion", so remove that from Makefile.inc. Second, in cpp/table/RowHandle.h on line 56 replace sizeof(data_) with sizeof(AlignType).


  1. I wanna report two trivial error. I built triceps on Ubuntu 12.04 and found that.
    1) It couldn't found nspr4 but actually the library could be found in /usr/include/nspr
    2) It generated error message because triceps-1.0.0/cpp/common/Hash.h Line 26 , so I had to change 2166136261 to 2166136261u.
    I just start to learn development so I don't know how to write patch or make file. Sorry about that. But I wanted to contribute as far as I can.
    With respect.

  2. Thanks! I've seen a similar report about nspr when building on FreeBSD.

  3. The future versions will instead have the definition -DTRICEPS_NSPR=4 to include from , and -DTRICEPS_NSPR=0 to include from . So editing the Makefile.inc sould be enough, without changing the source code.