Monday, June 10, 2013

checking a row for emptiness

I've mentioned that the rowops with the empty rows (i.e. rows with all fields NULL) on the _BEGIN_ and _END_ labels in the facets are treated specially. The same check is also available as the directly callable method, in case if you have some other uses for it.

In Perl it is:

$result = $row->isEmpty();

It returns 1 if all the fields are NULL and 0 otherwise.

In C++ this is done as a method of the RowType class:

virtual bool RowType::isRowEmpty(const Row *row) const;

And is used like this:

bool res = type->isRowEmpty(row);

It's also available as a convenience wrapper method on the Rowref:

Rowref r1(...);
if (r1.isRowEmpty()) { ... }

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