Sunday, January 29, 2012

the Hungarian notation

The Hungarian notation is the idea that the name of each variable should be prefixed with some abbreviation of its type. It has probably become most widely known from the Microsoft operating systems.

Overall it's a complete abomination and brain damage. But you can see me using it widely in the examples. Why? The problem is that there usually too many components for one logical purpose. For a table, there would be a row type, a table type, and the table itself. Rather than inventing separate names for them, it's easier to have a common name and an uniform prefix. Eventually something better would have to be done but for now I've fallen back on the Hungarian notation. Hm, would a suffix be better than prefix? Perhaps it might.

Among the CEP systems, Triceps is not unique in this department. Coral8/Sybase CCL has this mess of lots of schemas, input streams, windows and output streams, with the same naming problems. The uniform naming prefixes or suffixes help making this mess more navigable. I haven't actually used StreamBase but from reading the documentation I get the feeling that the Hungarian notation is probably useful for its SQL as well.

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