Friday, July 5, 2013

carp carpity carp

I've found that calling Carp::confess (more exactly, even the lower-level function Carp::longmess that gets called by Carp::confess and by Triceps's error reporting from the C++ code) in a threaded program leaks the scalars, apparently by leaving garbage on the Perl stack.

The problem seems to be in the line "package DB;" in the middle of one of its internal functions. Perhaps changing the package in the middle of a function is not such a great idea, leaving some garbage on the stack. The most interesting part is that this line can be removed altogether, with no adverse effects, and then the leak stops.

Oh, well, looks like the homebrewn Triceps::confess will be coming soon. And I'd like to find some contact to get the stock Carp fixed.

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