Thursday, July 4, 2013

No more enqueueing mode for table creation

I've finally got around to get rid of that obsolete enqueuing mode argument for the table creation, which always ended up as EM_CALL nowadays anyway. So, now in Perl the call becomes:

$uint->makeTable($tabType, $name);

In C++ the Table constructor becomes:

Table(Unit *unit, const string &name, const TableType *tt, const RowType *rowt, const RowHandleType *handt);

And the convenience wrapper in the TableType:

Onceref<Table> makeTable(Unit *unit, const string &name) const;

Yeah, it's kind of weird that in Perl the method makeTable() is defined on Unit, and in C++ on TableType. But if I remember correctly, it has to do with avoiding the circular dependency in the C++ header files.

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